General Product Info


Metal pieces are laser cut from .090 marine grade aluminum.


Unfinished wood cutouts are laser cut from 6mm (approx 1/4") Baltic birch plywood unless otherwise indicated. Smaller wood letters and craft shapes are cut from 3mm (1/8") Baltic birch. Laser cutting results in smooth, brown edges that do not require sanding. Please note that the back of laser cut pieces may show burn marks and uneven coloring. This can be easily sanded or painted. Laser cut wood will also have a temporary odor.

Pieces can be left unfinished, stained, or painted with any acrylic or spray paint. Priming is recommended  before painting. Any acrylic primer can be used or save time and use a 2 in 1 spray paint + primer, such as Rustoleum Painter's Touch.

Paint (wood)

We use quality acrylic paints for painted wood pieces. Brands include Zinsser (primer), Sherwin Williams, and Modern Masters (metallic)


Acrylic pieces are laser cut from 1/8" thick acrylic. Pieces are shipped with a paper or plastic protective sheet on the front and/or back, which must be peeled off before use. For glitter acrylic, the glitter is embedded in the sheet and will not flake off. Laser cut acrylic will have a temporary odor that will fade quickly.

Clear acrylic can be painted with a paint intended for use with plastic to match any color scheme.